A Luxurious Getaway Steeped in Texas History

Built in 1941, the Spanish Revival style estate has been a bastion of the community for many years. The entire space and grounds reflect the importance of family, friends, tranquility and relaxation.

“In the spirit of celebrating the vast open spaces and untouched beauty of Southwest Texas, we invite you to escape, explore and recharge.”

~ The SugarBear Family ~
SugarBear Estates exterior front of home

Stay at the Estate

Relax in the spacious 3,800-square-foot masterpiece. Sit and enjoy the unrivaled craftsmanship in the space, which gives you the feeling of being dropped into another world, far from stress. The Spanish style masonry walls provide uninterrupted peace and quiet from the demands of the outside world. Charm, beauty and customization define the space, and each room offers the most comfortable furnishings and amenities at your fingertips.
Rio Grande Valley Texas

Explore the Region

The New Frontier city of Del Rio perches itself on the Mexican border just to the north of the Rio Grande. Del Rio is the perfect “human depot” in which to unwind before venturing westward into the expansive, unfiltered landscape, watering holes and natural terrain that pull you deeper into the soul of the Chihuahuan desert with every mile.
Black Seminoles of Texas

Learn the History

Step into the region’s natural classroom and uncover the story of how the land was sought after, settled, cultivated and then left untouched for you to see. Surrounding SugarBear Estates are over 200,000 square miles of yesterday, ready and waiting to shape your today.
portrait of a family gathering with 4 young adults at SugarBear Estates in Del Rio Texas

Host a Gathering

The perfect space to bring people together for your event, wedding, retreat, reunion or celebration, SugarBear Estates welcomes the opportunity to be the foundation for your special occasion. Let this space be the sanctuary from which you share your message with others.